Masada cycle kit 6 vol 3


Masada Cycle kit 6 vol 3

Introducing the Masada Cycle Kit 6 – the ultimate drum kit for producing boom bap with trap-inspired elements. With its unique cycle kit layers feature, this kit allows for different articulation every time you hit the drum pad. This kit includes hats loops and cycle-triggered modern drums, all made possible by the Mpc 2.10 update. The new randomized pitch, attack, decay, filter, and Note On parameters, as well as the powerful new Pitch envelope and key detection, give your sound an even more “human-like” articulation. Please note: The Masada Cycle Kit 6 only works with Mpc 2.10 or above software and standalone. In order to use the full functions of this kit, you must install Mpc 2.10 or above software and firmware.



contains :

7 Cycle kit drum programs

Works for Akai Mpc/Force/key/ Software & devices only!


How to install your Expansions to Mpc Standalone mode. Youtube link below.

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