Masada Cycle Kit 5 pt.1


The follow up to Masada Cycle kits 1-4 utilizes new features made possible in Mpc 2.10 update like .New randomized pitch, attack, decay, filter, Note On parameters, The powerful new Pitch envelope and key detection. giving your sound even more “human like “articulation.Ive also included a sub bass to showcase Mpc 2.10 new portamento feature!

Warning! Masada Cycle kit 5 only works in Mpc 2.10 software & standalone! In order to use the full functions of this kit you will need to install Mpc 2.10 software & firmware!




contains :

10 programs

8 Cycle kit drum programs

1 Keygroup portamento/glide Sub bass made from the Akai S950 sampler sine tone.

1 Vocal sample program (bank A & B)

550 samples

Works for Akai Mpc/Force/key/ Software & devices only!


How to install your Expansions to Mpc Standalone mode. Youtube link below.

Click Here


Allow up to 10 minutes for download link to appear in your email.



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