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Masada Cycle Kit 7 Part 3  is a drum kit that brings you the sound of real drum sets with a vintage touch. This drum kit contains drum samples that were recorded from real drum sets to analog tape through a vintage analog mixing console, creating a rich and dynamic sound. The drums were also sampled through vintage samplers like the classic Akai S950, Emu Emax HD, Ensoniq ASR-10, and the MPC 3000, adding depth and grit to the sounds. Masada Cycle Kit 7 also features cycle layers articulation, a technique that gives the drums a human feel by varying the velocity and tone of each hit. Masada Cycle Kit 7 works for all Akai MPC, Akai Force, MPC Key 61, MPC Software and Standalone, making it a versatile and compatible choice for any producer. With Masada Cycle Kit 7, you can enjoy the authentic sound of real drum sets with a vintage touch. Whether you are making hip hop, rock, pop, or any other genre, Masada Cycle Kit 7 will give you the edge you need to stand out

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– This kit contains


A combined total of 8 cycle layered MPC programs over 306 samples


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Only Works for Akai Mpc/Force/key 61/ Live/ etc. Mpc Software & Standalone devices only!



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