Masada cycle kit vol 1 (MPC)


Rated one of the best kits this year!

Masada Cycle Kit vol. 1 Popularized the Cycle triggering method .Giving users an organic “real ” Drummer feel to their you hit a pad you get a different variation .Add Live drummer articulation to your production.

A must have for ANY MODERN MPC USER!


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8 sound banks! Color coded for easy identification of pad contents.

(1) Mpc format .xpn file.It installs a Mpc Expansion for easy access to your new Cycle kit (Btw..The recommend method of installation)

(1) Folder containing Akai Mpc programs for those that can’t/don’t want to install or use Mpc expansions .

Wav are provided for use in other Daws or Drum machines i.e.

Native Instruments Maschine,

Ableton Live drum rack.etc etc.

Please note: Cycle features of this kit don’t work in other Daws.Currently the round Robin cycling feature of this kit is exclusive to modern Akai Mpcs.

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