Masada Cycle kit Midi Progressions Vol.2


Break your writers block now!

These Progressions are sure to inspire!

assign your favorite Vst and make hits..

Add soulful ,rich chords to your production Today!

Masada Midi Progressions Vol.2 Is the follow up to the highly praised and revered Masada Midi progressions . The perfect addition to the Masada Cycle kit series.Get yours today!

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Contains: NOW WORKS IN BOTH MPC & AKAI V.I.P 3.0 Software! 50 Midi Progressions ranging from Soul to dance to Hiphop.

Note: These Progressions will only work in Modern Mpcs i.e. Mpc Ren,Mpc Studio,Mpc Element* ,Mpc Touch.Akai V.I.P. 3.0 Software


Allow up to 10 minutes for download link to appear in your email.

*Masada Midi Progressions not compatible on Mpc Element because there is no access to Pad Perform mode currently but will in the future via a Mpc update.


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