Masada Cycle kit Vol.3 part 2


Masada Cycle kit Vol.3 is the follow up to the wildly popular Masada Cycle kit series Vol.1&2 .Masada Cycle kit vol.3 Part 2 offers Masada Cycle kit Vol.3 part 1 owners even more sounds for a total of 32 programs!You now have drums labeled with their prospective Key ie.Am C# Bm. etc & Q-link volume control of pad samples so you never have to guess what drums go with what song again!

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(1) Mpc format .xpn file.It installs a Mpc Expansion for easy access to your new Cycle kit (Btw..The recommend method of installation)

(1) Folder containing Akai Mpc programs for those that can’t/don’t want to install or use Mpc expansions .

Wav files are provided for use in other Daws or Drum machines i.e.

Native Instruments Maschine,

Ableton Live drum rack.etc etc.

Please note: Cycle features of this kit don’t work in other Daws.Currently the round Robin cycling feature of this kit is exclusive to modern Akai Mpcs.

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