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Masada cycle percussion kit (MPC)


Masada Midi Progressions vol.1 (MPC)

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Masada cycle kit vol 2 (MPC)


The highly anticipated follow up to Masada cycle Kit vol.1. This time adds an additional 3 banks for a total of 11 banks and dual modes “Standard &”Enhanced” giving the user 2 drum kits in one! Sure to give hundreds of sonic combinations and tons of inspiration!

get it today! a worthy follow up to the classic Masada Cycle kit vol.1

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Masada Cycle kit vol.2
(1) xpn file .This is the kit Expansion.To use, just take the xpn file and drag into the Mpc software.(see video below)
(2) Folders: Containing (11) Standard programs:(11) Enhanced programs:For a total of (22) Individual folders containing program files.This works well when the xpn drag and drop method doesn’t work or simply for those that don’t want to install the xpn Expansion file .
The difference between Standard and Enhanced kits.
Standard:no special layering and identified by (S) next to the program
Enhanced:layered with additional sounds. identified by (E) next to the program
Subs used in layers are always in the “B” bank
While snares and hi hats used in layers are always in “C” bank.
Submix routing channels:
Subs are on Submix 1
Snares are on Submix 2
Hihats are on Submix 3
This provides for quick muting and adjustment of (E) “Enhanced” layers.
You can load both Enhanced and Standard programs simultaneously.
MPC software will give you a prompt “Some of the samples exist.Replace” This is ok….Press “Replace”…Allow the MPC software to replace the samples.All programs will still playback correctly.
You don’t have to install the XPN expansion if you don’t want to.
I’ve provided the individual programs separated by folder.
Note:You can locate a layered sound by going into >program edit> tap desired pad>observe the “simul play ” field > notice pad field.

Install Xpn expansion video instructions below

Additional purposes of wav files: Wav files can be used in other Daws or Drum machines i.e.

Native Instruments Maschine

Ableton Live drum rack

Battery..etc etc

Please note: Cycle features of this kit don’t work in other Daws.Currently the round Robin cycling feature of this kit is exclusive to modern Akai Mpcs.
New Feature
You can now preview a program before you load it.
Enjoy, thank you for your support.

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