This contains ALL of the Masada Midi Progressions Packs 1,2,3,4,5 & 6!! an Incredible deal! Add soulful ,rich chords to your production Today even if you can’t play a lick!

Masada Midi Progressions Bundle is The perfect addition to the Masada Cycle kit series.Get yours today!

Contains: Almost 400 Midi Progressions can be used to make  Soul,Trap,R&B,Dance to Hiphop,Neo Soul etc.

Note: These Progressions will only work in Modern Mpcs i.e. Mpc Ren,Mpc Studio,Mpc Element* ,Mpc Touch.Mpc Live & Mpc X ,Akai V.I.P. 3.0 Software


Allow up to 10 minutes for download link to appear in your email.

How to install custom Progressions in standalone mode.

*Masada Midi Progressions not compatible on Mpc Element because there is no access to Pad Perform mode currently but will in the future via a Mpc update.