This pack includes 12 Free Mpc Instrument expansions and 1 Free mixtape of songs you can sample.A gift from me to you.

Dark Mood(Piano)

Soleum Chaos(distorted Guitar)

D’Inevitable Rhode(Rhode Piano)

Sub:Stance (glide/Portamento sub bass)

Hallowed Scheme (reversed Piano)

Lurid Regard(Unique Organ)

The Theremin Paradox( Theremin)

Sinister Empire (Epic Synth)

The Free Cycle kit 1 & 2(Cycle layered drums)

The Reverse black Friday Sample Mix Tape (limited time mix tape of highly inspirational samples)

Masadas Japanese vocal chops (8 extracted vocals from my personal album collection) CAN BE USED IN ANY DAW!

Rock Vocals :(7 MPC  Banks of rock vocals from my personal album collection) .Individual samples can be used in any daw or sampler!

A lonely Nite free sample pack (14 phrases royalty free)

Masadas s2400 vintage vinyl drum loops (crunchy drums sampled thru a Isla s2400 )

These packs can only be used with a modern MPC. (Mpc-x,Live,Touch,Studio,& Renaissance) Software or Standalone and Akai Force.
Now,make sure you get Masada Cycle Kits & Midi Progressions to use with your new Instruments. Download links below

Thank you for all your support,Masada

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