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Masada cycle kit 6 bundle


Masada’s Mpc 3000 kit vol 1 lo-fi

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Masada Midi Progressions 7 Trap & Horror


Make Griselda,Mobb Deep, hard core, drill, & trap STYLE beats!

Masada MIDI Progressions 7 from THECYCLEKIT.COM is a collection of MIDI files specifically designed for use with Akai Professional products. Both standalone & MPC software. These MIDI files, created by Masada, feature horror-inspired chord progressions that are perfect for adding a sense of tension and fear to Trap, RnB, Boom Bap & movie compositions music productions. The product includes a variety of different progressions, in different keys and scales, that are designed to work well with the dark, gritty sound of Trap, RnB, Boom Bap & movie music. The progressions are created to be used with Akai Professional products such as MPC series, Force, and Mpc Key 61, making it easy for producers to incorporate these horror-inspired chord progressions into their music productions. The product also include variations on each progression and If you add Masada Cycle kit 6 .Your Drum patterns will give producers even more creative options to enhance the horror atmosphere in their Trap, RnB, Boom Bap & movie compositions productions.

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contains :

75 Midi progression

Works for Akai Mpc/Force/key/ Software & devices only!


How to install your Expansions to Mpc Standalone mode. Youtube link below.

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