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Masada Midi Progressions 5

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The Repository ALL Pack! Bundle


Get The worlds Largest Mpc Expansion The Repository ,The 2 add-ons.Bass & Guitar expansions ,all 5 progressions packs ( vol 1-5) and Masada Cycle kit 1.5 S.E. in this one of a kind Mpc Expansion Bundle at a huge savings!

The Repository contains 100 Instrument patches Over 21 Gigs! Basses, Subs, Pianos, Horns, Strings, Organs, and Guitars etc. For all Modern Akai Mpcs. Works in both Standalone mode & Mpc Software.This isn’t your typical Instrument kit.This Expansion is geared toward Urban,Dance,Trap,Hip-Hop & Soul/R&B.This is our biggest Mpc Expansion to date! Inspirational & affordable! Not a good keyboard player? No problem! All 5 Masada Midi Progressions are also included! Progressions are also great for inspiring ideas.Reduce writers block! This is a limited time deal!

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  • The Repository All Bundle is a collection of my personal custom Sound layers and shapes I personally use in my production.i’ve shaped them using my modules & other tools i’ve collected over the years. I sampled thru an Actual Neve console using its pre amps as well as Uad plugins. Made Exclusively for Modern Akai Mpcs i.e. Mpc X, Mpc, Live, Mpc Renaissance, Mpc Studio, Mpc Element. For use with both Mpc Standalone and Mpc Software.All 4 Masada midi Progressions are also included! This is a limited time deal!


  • The Repository:Guitar add on to the worlds largest Mpc Expansion “The Repository” Adds over 33 Playable Instruments, 51 Warp-able Loops, 28 Stems in Wav format, 11 chops,29 Phrases, 19 Bonus Loops to your Repository Expansion!


  • The Repository:Bass add-on Adds over 50 new bass sound patches ,Over 4 additional gigs & Over 5,000 samples to your Repository Expansion!

Masada Cycle Kit vol. 1 Popularized the Cycle triggering method .Giving users an organic “real ” Drummer feel to their production.As you hit a pad you get a different variation in volume and timber .Version 1.5 Adds Enhanced layering to improve presence ,impact, attack  and punch..The Extra Subs , Snares, & Hi Hats are also available independently so you can use them without the Enhanced layering.Note: If you have vol.1 you may not need Vol.1.5 (some sounds are identical not all)

  • Masada Midi progressions Bundle contains ALL of the Masada Midi Progressions Packs 1,2,3,4 & 5!! an Incredible deal! Add soulful ,rich chords to your production Today even if you can’t play a lick! Contains: Almost 400 Midi Progressions can be used to make  Soul,Trap,R&B,Dance to Hiphop etc.

    Note: These Progressions will only work in Modern Mpcs i.e. Mpc Ren,Mpc Studio,Mpc Element* ,Mpc Touch.Mpc Live & Mpc X ,Akai V.I.P. 3.0 Software

  • WARNING! THIS BUNDLE IS HUGE!! OVER 27 GIGS! Be sure you have space on your main drive as Mpc doesn’t allow you to place Expansion files on an external drive.

NOTE! (Please Read)! 

Due to the size of this kit .Standalone Mpc takes a moment to see the program files while Utilizing the Mpc  programs filter.It will appear blank. Don’t worry give it approximately 30 seconds the Program files will appear.I suppose it takes a minute for Mpc to scan the files.This only happen when you first load the should be fine once Mpc scans.

ALSO NOTE! I recommend installing this kit to a SD flash card,Usb stick ,or Usb hard Drive rather than a user installed HD/SSD .This will result in a better user experience!

Watch this video for “How To” download kits from email Links.Here

Note: This Expansion will only work in conjunction with Modern Mpcs i.e. Mpc Renaissance, Mpc Element*,Mpc Studio,Mpc Touch.Mpc Live & Mpc X ,Akai Mpc Software.

How to install your Expansions to Mpc Standalone mode. Youtube link below.

Click Here


Allow up to 10 minutes for download link to appear in your email.

*Masada Midi Progressions not compatible on Mpc Element because there is no access to Pad Perform mode currently but will in the future via a Mpc update.

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